How to plan a Post-Covid Wedding or Event!

We are all wondering how we can proceed with having a wedding or event in a Post Covid world and how it will effect our event and how can we keep our guests safe.

We have some Good News for you!

Most people realize that life goes on and would like to live life as best and safe as possible! With that being said, they still want to tread cautiously and will rely on every safety precaution as possible.

So, if you have a wedding, event or corporate fundraiser coming up, how can you reassure your guests that it will be in a place where they can feel comfortable and that measures will be taken to ensure their safety while still having fun?

It will heavily depend on how much information you can give them ahead of time!

Check in with your venue to find out their safety measures and have this printed on a separate piece of paper in your invitation!

*Check with your venue if service staff will be gloved.

*Check if disposable products will be utilized.

*Have guests come with their own printed or unique face masks.

*Supply entrances and bathrooms with hand sanitizers

* Let guests know that you are limiting the amount of guests at your event for their


Life Still Goes On!

Most family and friends still want to share in your celebration or special event, so don't worry.

Maybe, some of the older guests may not show up, but they will be honored and very happy that they were invited into sharing your special day! Email them pictures or a video!

At the end of your party or event, make sure you thank guests for coming as well as thank the vendors for helping to make the event "post covid safe" and provide guests with such party favors as hand sanitizers or personalized face masks with your monogram or business info. Life does go on and will get better!

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