Designing a Wedding or Event to be Memorable!

Updated: May 23, 2020

When it comes to design, there are many things to consider!

How will it look and will it be appealing to everyone?

Making your event appealing and memorable

As the saying goes, "You can't make everyone happy", but you can make yourself happy!

Each event should tell your own personal story or at least be different and convey a uniqueness that guests haven't experienced before, thus making it fun and memorable!

Adding elements that reach the senses such as visual, auditory, taste, aromas and textures will add to the memory making process as well as add interest and fun to your event!

How to tell your story

From sending out the invite to party favor, each part of your event can be designed to leave a lasting impression!

  • Add pictures to your invite

  • Create some mystic to your event by letting guests know that due to the uniqueness of your event and what you have planned they must RSVP 1 month before

  • Create social media buzz about it on your FaceBook and Instagram pages

  • Have a special cocktail or mocktail created at your event

  • Make the place settings specials with unique or practical gifts for guests

  • Have a fog or bubble machine running at the entrance or exit

  • Have fresh florals and greens that might incorporate fresh herbs

  • Have a soloist musician outside the entrance and who will then play at your ceremony and cocktail hour

  • Play with color and visual elements on guest tables that are different in texture and design

Customize your event in every way, without breaking the bank! For more ideas and tips follow us on Instagram at or

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